Friday, February 18, 2005

global village

last year i didnt really enjoy the global village...inno it was so crowded, really hot...i just didnt like i wasnt looking forward at all to go to it this year...evnthough i heard this year its a lot nicer...its totally in a different area which is huge....

my friends wanted to go...i wont stay on myown in the dorms, so i went with them...last year the parking was a horrible thing...we spent almost a whole hour till we managed to go int...but this year it was much didnt take us five minutes...maybe its also cuz we went after the DSF has ended...

on the entrance i found maps of the place....i loved the was really helpful...everything was orginized in a better be honest i enjoyed my time there....

we went into the saudi corner, lebaneese, syrian, palestanian, jordanian, kuwaiti, chineese, japanease, german, italian and swiss corners....of course i have liked the saudi corner the most :p....i just love my country :D...the thing i like in the saudi corner...that it was the only one that has covered the whole floor with was sooo shiny :D


the german corner was really good...i actually wanted to buy some stuff from there...

we stayed there from 9 till 12 and we enjoyed it....if u havent been there...go u wont regret it...the global village will stay on till the 31st of march so dont miss it...1 month more to go :D



the 2nd pic is in the they are advertising in our uni :D

this is a pic i took in the swiis corner...i just like it sooo much :D



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