Saturday, February 05, 2005


the semester spring 2005 has just started...i did really bad last semester, so i have to make it up this semester inshalla...

well as the beginning of each semester, me and my friends have to go to they city center and start shopping for our dorm's room...

today i went out with a some stuff from carrefore...and for the first time i buy wat i need only...usually i go crazy and start buying stuff that i wont ever need...well i remember once i saw a really cool bottle of was for 15 dirhams and thats quite alot for 750 ml bottle of water...but i couldnt resist was transperant and it was just i bought it, and it took me a whole week to finish it...a sip each day :D


well after we finished from carrefore, we went to ikea....i just love that place i have to go there every month...and every time i go i buy like if it is my first time to be there...i really like to decorate my room all the time...and every semester i try to figure out a new decoration for my room...and this semester am planning smthg really different...i will tell u once i do it :D

in ikea they have these room slippers...they're really comfortable...i used to buy white ones...but this time found red ones...which would match my room perfectly...btw my room is all red...i love that color...dont ask me why!!


this time i didnt buy lots of stuff...also i just bought wat i need...

i think i will call it a post :D


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