Saturday, February 12, 2005

made in ksa

i didn do much today...but i discovered smthg reallly cooool u know am from saudi arabia...and i love my country alot :D...anyways i was in mcdonalds ordering 2 cheeseburgers 4 take away...and look wat i found on the side of the bag :D:D


and in case if u didnt notice before check out where are starbucks napkins made...


i know that other countries make lots of more useful stuff than my country but i just like it...and ya i remember once i was in washington dc on a school trip...that was like umm maybe 4 years ago....i was walking in a shop called jc u know it??? anyways, one of the guys liked a shirt and tried it out...i was looking for the size when i saw a tag with "made in saudi arabia" on it...i was soooo shocked...inno coool :D...i consider it a remarkable thing...i wish that i had a camera that day...


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the bird fotos r stunnin! :)


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