Wednesday, February 09, 2005

subway @ 5

yesterday was a really nice day...well first of all i went out with the guys to watch a movie in the city center...but we ended up having dinner in china times cuz we were so hungry to watch a movie...and we kind of saw all the movies in da cinema...u know china times?? its beside chilli's and coco's...its a good restaraunt if u r sick of fast food...but there are lots of better chineese restaraunts...

after we came back to the dorms...we played cards...a game called takes at least 2 hours to needs lots of thinking and lots of practice...i always lose but am learning...only 4 ppl can play this game and yesterday i was ranked 4th :D

we ended playing @ almost 5 am...and we were really sleepy and hungry...we choose our stomach's over sleeping...we had to think of a place that opens 24/ we went to subway :D...all of us looked miserable...



we went back to the dorms and all of us slept in one room like dead ppl...we woke up @ 4 pm today :D...a555 i love weekends :D


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