Saturday, March 05, 2005

win a cadillac

there was this cool film competition where u have to make a film under 5 seconds...and the coolest movie wins a cadillac...well i knew about it a while ago...and the competition is already finished...but here check out the winners....there are some cool ideas...

Friday, March 04, 2005

safari trip

yesterday i went to a safari trip orginized by the saudi, yemeni, bahrini, emarati & qatari cultural clubs in the was soo much fun...espicially the dune was my first time and definetly not the last...we were about 70 ppl...not alot but fun....we also danced, played cards, had a bbq dinner after waiting soo long 4 it :D...and ya not to forget the sand was ssoooo coool :D...

i borrowed my friends camera to take some pics...check them out...there r such funny captures that i loved...



nancy, 3itha, wa2el & sherien

yesterday i have recieved a msg telling me that there is a concert for:
nancy 3ajram & 3itha ilmenhaly on wednesday 9/3/2005
wa2el kfoory & sherien on thursday 10/3/2005
both of them will take place in the world trade center and the tickets will be:
200 without dinner
350, 450 & 750 with dinner
i bet the 750 tickets will be right next to nancy :D...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

security glass

i have recieved an email with the following ad....a777a its sooo powerful....i love this kind of ads....

powerful ad

powerful ad 2

:D wat do u think...there are lots of cool ads in the streets i will try my best to take a pic of each ad i like and post it here :D and that is of course once i get back my camera...which i lost in a taxi :@

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

karaoke 2005

today was the AUS karaoke 2005....the event took place from 5:30 till 9:00 was sooo nice...everyone sang really good...i wish i had a nice voice :(....anyways it was sooo crowded and full of people...

there were prices for the first 3 places....1st place wins vip tickets to the destiny's child concert which will take place in may...2nd place wins free tickets for the concer and gift voucher in virgin mega store and free cine star cinema tickets....& 3rd place wins a dvd player...

the annoying thing is i didnt have my camera to take fotos of the event...but here is my friend's link...she took some fotos :D