Sunday, May 15, 2005

go karting

today was the craziest day in the whole was amazing bs reje3na mayteen ta3ab...
first of all some of the guys rented a murano for only one day...and they didnt wanna waste a minute so first of all we decided to goo shooting AGAIN eventhough yesterday we were there...mashalla 3aleehom sakkaro il3addad 210 km/h (thats the good thing about a rented car :D) it took us like 30 minuetes from AUS...thats pretty fast...
after that we wnt go karting which is just next to the shooting was our first was amazing i placed fifth in the race but i enjoyed it soo much :D
a7la shi kan iluniforms illi lazem nelbas-ha wel helmets :D we looked like we escaped from the movie armageddon...this is a pic of one of the guys in the uniform...


we wanted to go and try paintball after go karting bs sara7a we were soo tired so we went back to uni..changed, took a shower and went out again to have dinner....ro7na tgi friyday's o ba3d ilakil 5alas no one could move so back to dorms and SLEEP


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