Thursday, June 30, 2005


lenotre is new dessert place that has just opened in dubai....its amazing they have really good cakes...i know this place from saudi arabia...i used to buy from it weekly :D just dont miss it...

you can find it in spinney's jumierah...the one in front of japengo...the earlier u go the more options u get...cuz the cakes finishes quickly :D

i took some pics that will tell u enough :D



vanilla eclaire



Friday, June 24, 2005


yesterday was the engagement party of one of the guys...i cant believe he is getting engaged...alf mabrook ya 3ez :D 3ogbalna :p

and the party was in al-3een so we decided to go a day before and take a room in the hilton which we thought will be something amazing...we were soo looking forward for il3een...inno we have never been there so coool...

the road took us 40 minutes which was pretty fast :D the first thing we noticed in il3een that they love roundabouts :s there are more than a hundred one i guess :s

when we arrived at the hotel we were shocked : it was a disaster...the first thing we did is call rotana and intercontenintal hotels to change but they were fully we're stuck with the hilton...we took a cahlet to make it a bit better...

we went cruising in the city...there is totally nothing to do...even the cinemas had only 4 movies to show and we saw them all :s


something else i noticed that when u r in il3een u feel like u r in the UAE....everyone is in deshdasha or 3abaya...

when we got totally bored we went to jabal was amazing...the weather up there is a bit better than the 45 degreas we r living in now and its a bit windy as was nice...that was at 2 am and it was too dark so i didnt take any pics :s

the day after on thursday we started getting ready for the party so went out for a haircut and we put the cloth in the laundry in the hotel which cost us 300 dhs for 4 kandooras and 3 ashmigha :@ i hate that hotel soo bad, even the room service wasnt good :s
everyone of us got soo fancy, half of us wore kandooras and the other half wore suits :D we went to the party, had dinner and then had an "after party"...that was the best part...we went crazy and everyone in the hotel started to complaint about us :D

we stayed up till 4 am and in the next day we went back to uni..