Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Huge Princely Gift

The Louver, the world's largest museum, is to get a new wing to display its vast collection of Islamic art thanks to a 17 million-euro gift by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal bent on mending post-9/11 ties between the West and Arabs.

The gift of the prince, one of the richest individuals on the planet, is one is one of the largest in France's history, French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres said at a ceremony Tuesday.

Ironically, some Saudis think Prince Al-Waleed is wrong, and he could spend this huge amount of money in his country instead of donating them to the Louver. Prince Al-Waleed is not so popular among conservatives in the country because he always promoted social reform, especially
his stance on women's rights.

[from Saudi Jeans]

honestly i really like Prince Al-Waleed...i just think that he is building a good image for saudis...and even if he is not putting this huge amount of money in his country but at least he is spending it to make the world know his country and religion better.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i hate beirut

a5555555 every time there is a holiday my parents loves going to beirut....they love it here and i HATE it here...

its a really nice place to stay in for a week or less o ana ahli yejo o yegharizo shahar shahreeen...o the reason why i hate beirut its cuz i dont know anyone in this city....i either spend my time with my parents or aloone :@ i hate it mn galb...
ya3ni ana fel jam3a ga3ed m3 ilshabab 24/7...ga3ed a5abes fel derasa 3ashan ga3ed ana wel shabab m3 ba3ad 3ala 6ool o ilderasa mn janbaha...fe lamma yekoon fe ijaza aji o ag3od li7ali :s anwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3 il6afash...

la o ziyadat il6eena balla ilinternet kaman ba6ee2 fa ma bag3od online kateer and thats why am not posting anything lately...
i will be back in a month or so but i think i will be posting whenever i get soooo bored that i dont mind using the slow-cnxned internet :D

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Burj Al-Arab

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See the image of the hotel which they never show you. Ask yourself: why that huge mast at the top? Why make the restaurant stick out like that? It's only there to make the cross! Interesting, isnt it? One of the world's largest Christian cross is right here in Dubai!

[from Life of Mansur]

40 things that only happen in movies

1. It is always possible to find a parking spot directly outside or opposite the building you are visiting.

2. When paying for a taxi, don't look at your wallet as you take out a note. Just grab one out at random and hand it over. It will always be the exact fare.

3. Television news bulletins usually contain a story that affects you personally at the precise moment it's aired.

4. Any lock can be picked with a credit card or paperclip in seconds. UNLESS it's the door to a burning building with a child inside.

5. If you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you bump into will know all the steps.

Read the rest

[from Saudi Jeans]

Monday, July 11, 2005

House of Saud

i came across this site...its all about the house of has their whole history, chronology and royal family tree...and it also contains a 7 minute video about how saudi arabia was unified...

House of Saud


Royal Family Tree

its a really nice site...if u r interested in knowing everything about saudi arabia's history dont miss it...

Saudi Arabia

i was surfing when i found lots of cool statistics about saudi arabia :p
maan we rock :p ok lets start:

1-Kingdom Center:
The tallest skycraper in Saudi Arabia. With a height of 302 m, it is considered the 25th tallest building in the world...The Kingdom Centre is owned by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a prince of the Saudi royal family, the total cost of the project was 1,717 Million Saudi Arabian Riyals...Kingdom Centre is the winning building of the Award 2002, selected as the "best new skyscraper of the year for design and functionality".

2-Al Faisaliyah Center:
The Al Faisaliyah Center is the first skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, and the second tallest building in the country after the Kingdom center.

3-King Khalid International Airport:
The largest airport in the world by ground area .

4-Euro Disney SCA:
The company that owns and operates Disneyland Resort Paris in France. 39.78% of shares are held by The Walt Disney Company, 10% by the Saudi Prince Alwaleed and 50.22% by other shareholders.

5-List of billionaires:
1-Bill Gates - USA - $46.5 billion
2-Warren Buffett - USA - $44.0 billion
3-Lakshmi Mittal - UK - $25.0 billion
4-Carlos Slim Helú - Mexico - $23.8 billion
5-Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - Saudi Arabia - $23.7 billion

79-Sulaiman Bin Abdul Al Rajhi - Saudi Arabia - $5.6 billion

170-Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi - Saudi Arabia - $3.2 billion

210-Khalid bin Mahfouz and family - Saudi Arabia - $2.8 billion

233-Saleh Kamel - Saudi Arabia - $2.6 billion

243-Mohammad Al Amoudi - Saudi Arabia - $2.5 billion

267-Oprah Winfrey - USA - $1.1 billion

6 persons from saudi arabia...thats impressive...

6-Saudi Arabia's Football Team (on
The Saudi team is ranked 31st on the world with 662 points.

i know that these facts are considered nothing to lots of other countries but i guess this is better than nothing at all...and i just hope that in the few next years the name of Saudi Arabia gets bigger and bigger :D

Armani Hotels & Resorts by Emaar

JUNE 13, 2005 -- Giorgio Armani S.p.A., Milan, Italy and EMAAR Hotels & Resorts LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has announced the execution of the formal contractual agreement between the companies for the development of "Armani Hotels and Resorts." The announcement follows the signing of a letter of intent in 2004. Armani is awarding a long term license to EMAAR for the operation of a collection of luxury hotels and resorts. EMAAR will be fully responsible for real estate, construction, management and operations while Armani will oversee all aspects of content, design and style. "This continues our ongoing strategy of building the Armani universe into a comprehensive lifestyle brand," said chairman Giorgio Armani in a statement. EMAAR will invest more than $1 billion in the project, and at least seven luxury hotels and three vacation resorts are projected to open within the next 10 years. The first hotel, which will be the world's tallest residential and commercial building upon completion, is expected to open in Dubai in 2008.

[Source ddi magazine]

Sunday, July 10, 2005

PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360

here is the difference between the most 2 powerful video games...first of all i think the nintendo revolution is nothing compared to these two...and between the ps3 and xbox 360, i personally prefer the ps3, i dunnow why but i have brand loyalty to sony :D

and here is smthg interesting i read in the T3MiddleEast Magazine about their opinion whether to buy ps3 or xbox 360: "If we had to choose we'd spend our cash on the PS3. Sure, the Xbox will be hitting the stores sooner, but ask yourself this: are you prepared to settle for less power and what will almost certainly be an inferior-line up of games? No! If you want true next generation gaming, then wait for the PS3: you'll get movie-quality graphics and mind-blowing mind action."

here are some pics i got off

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Live 8 Video Downloads

Someone went on and put all the AOL video clips from the Live 8 concert series from July 2nd onto one page for everyone to download.

The videos are of really good quality and range in size from 30MB to 70MB.

Check them out here:
Live 8 Video Downloads.

[from Subzero Blue]

try to download Finger Snapping by Will Smith first...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Public Toilets

Tagebuch & BoingBoing)

Perfect for Exhibitionists – A public toilet in Switzerland that has an enclosure made of one-way glass, so that no one can see you doing your business but you could see them while you’re inside.

Sensory Impact]

loool this is soo uncomfortable :s

Pills to go

Name: Pills to Go
Priestman Goode (via Cool Hunting)
Status: Concept

You’re on the run. you feel faint. you need your meds, but you have no water. gasp cue – tense soundtrack. But then you remember, you got your ‘pills to go’ with a built in water container. Disaster averted, all thanks to the clever folks at
Priestman Goode.

[from Sensory Impact]

this is just soo creative :D

London Under Attack!

London Under Attack!
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Updated: 7:22 a.m. ET July 7, 2005
NOTE: This is a developing story and details will be added as they become available.

LONDON - Near simultaneous explosions rocked the London subway and tore open a double-decker bus during the morning rush hour Thursday, causing at least two deaths and dozens of injuries in what Prime Minister Tony Blair said was a "barbaric" terrorist attack timed to disrupt the Group of Eight summit.

The explosions came a day after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics and as the G-8 summit was getting under way in Scotland.

"We are concerned that this is a coordinated attack. We are aware that one of the sites does contain indications of explosives," London police chief Sir Ian Blair said on Sky News.

He said authorities had not received any warning. "We have been at a very high state of alert. Of course if there had been any kind of specific warnings we would have dealt with it," he said.
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Monday, July 04, 2005


the pic was taken by ShoSho in london :D

i just love how creative they get with advertising

One pad for all

New Scientist reports about a new charger called the Splashpad that would be able to charge all your gadgets:

Instead of each device needing its own charger, it may soon be possible to recharge phones and cameras by placing them on a plastic pad the size of a mouse mat. A dense array of coils buried in the pad will transmit energy to the gadget to charge its batteries. And it will be possible to charge as many gadgets as can fit on the pad at once, the inventors say.

[from, via Sensory Impact]

this is related to the earlier post "20 gadgets from the future" in would be so great and more practical than carrying lots of chargers around...and i think its possible...

Jackson vacations in Bahrain

By The Associated Press
Friday, July 1, 2005

MANAMA, Bahrain -- Pop star Michael Jackson began a vacation on the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, looking for privacy and relaxing in a secret location somewhere in this archipelago, his royal host said Thursday.

He can thank his brother for the getaway destination: Jermaine Jackson is a close friend of Bahrain's royal family.

Jackson arrived in Bahrain Wednesday night as a guest of the royal family. His host is the king's son, Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who flew in with the singer from Europe on a private plane.

The prince would not say where Jackson was staying in the Rhode Island-sized kingdom.

"Bahrain has a lot of beautiful places to offer," the prince told The Associated Press. "He would love his privacy, and we will do our best to maintain the privacy he has."

Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges in a California court on June 13.

The singer arrived alone, without his three children.

"He is here to relax with friends, and we are proud and honored to welcome him," Sheik Abdulla said. "Michael is very well, very happy and very relaxed here." Read More

yakolak 7abba 7abba

bs abgha agoool alf mabrook lil itti7ad illi faz be ka2s dawri ab6al il3arab :D homma fazo belka2s yoom iljom3a illi ra7 bs doobi lageet alahdaf fa 3ashan keda at2a5art :D o iza ma ta3refo ana itti7adi 3ashan keda metshaggig :p

ilmobara kanat thahab o iyab m3 al9afa8isi altoonisee...ilitti7ad faz ilthahab 2-0 wel iyab 2-1...sara7a ma lageet illa ahdaf mobarat iliyab so enjoy it o 3ogbal monta5abna ala5dar fe almaniya :D

ilhadaf ilawal lil itti7ad
ilhadaf iltani lil itti7ad
ilhadaf ilawal lil 9afa8isee

20 gadgets from the future

i read this article in the T3MiddleEast magazine....its a really interesting one and i just love the due dates...check it out...

Words: Mark Harris
Source: T3MiddleEast magazine

1-Touchy-Feely Mobiles due 2006
...we're looking forward to "haptic" mobiles that'll stroke, fondle, slap and kiss you...

2-Technospecs due 2007
...sunglasses that provide real-time feedback on biomedical functions. Ideal for athletes such as distance runners. they'll allow you to check your heart rate, blood oxygen level and distance traveled without taking your eyes from the opposition. A waterproof version for swimmers is also on the cards.

3-Human Exoskeleton due 2007

4-Paint-On Solar Cells due 2009
...batteries will be history, thanks to paint-on solar cells. Just imagine how slim mobile phones and laptops will become! Best of all, the new solar cells will be twice as efficient as traditional solar cells, making them perfect for our sunny region.

5-Self-Cleaning Clothes due 2008

6-360-Degree Gaming Pod due 2007
...a four-meter high panoramic screen, the latest Alienware hardware, LAN networking and, best of all, a reason to change your life.

7-Night Vision Contact Lenses due 2015

8-Anti-Aging Facepads due 2006

9-Allergy-Sensing Robodog due 2010
...Simply wave it over your food and its electonic smell chips will recognize the chemical signatures of every dangerous substance...Plus, you'll get instant readouts of fat and carbohydrate levels. If its good to eat, you get a green light, yellow means danger, and red should result in a hefty prison sentence for the chef.

10-Gene Scanner due 2011
...handheld scanners to predict illness before the happen...

11-Baby Noise Eliminator due 2009
...They'll selectively eliminate irritating sounds (car alarms, nagging wives, etc), while letting important ausio signals (videogames and mobile phones) through...

12-Active Skin due 2025
...We'll have miniature phones and MP3 players in our ears, and PDAs in our wrist. They'll be invisible until we touch them, then light up with cool, sub-dermal LEDs.

13-Holographic Lara Croft due 2016

14-Edible Microchips due 2011

15-Photo Gloves due 2008

...just point the camera-glove at your subject and flick your thumb...Or, flick two fingers to take a movie. The second finger will contain a laser projector to display your photos on any flat surface and your pinky will have a built-in lighter...

16-Teledildonics due 2010

17-Edible Images due 2006 can replace the ink cartidges in some home printers with semi-liquid concoctions of fruit or vegetables, and the paper with super-thin sheets of soya bean and potato strach...

18-Wireless Battery Charging due 2006
...It'll put an end to carting 38 different chargers around with you every time you go abroad...

19-Nuclear IPod due 2012'll mean MP3 players with virtually unlimited batteries...they're so safe that a simple plastic container will be enough shielding for most applications...

20-Transparent Cameras due 2013
...In transparent mode, the displays are totally see-through, just like glass...Simply tap the screen to take a snap. Then, when you want to view your snaps or videos, tap your screen again and the transparent display becomes a regular LED display...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


i was in riyadh 3 weeks ago and i took some pics over there but i totally forgot to post about them so here i am :D (aftakrt il9owar when i saw the pics of sa7ara mall in farah's blog thx farah :p)


hadi ilfaisaliah mn jowa o barra...i guess everyone knows about it already :p

it has been a really long time since i have been to riyadh inno before the 3 weeks ago has changed alot...sar fee loots and loots of cafes o sara7a kol wa7ed a7la mn iltani....personally i liked a cafe called (taw) the most, marra raheeb o there's also a cafe called (waterlemon), marra 7ilo :D....o share3 ilta7lia sar mo bs aleeeem...kollo cafes o ga3dat barra o sayarat jayeda, its really nice :D





la one of the most things i really liked nowadays in saudi arabia...saro koll illi yeshtaghlo fel cafes s3oodyeen...inno its nice to see saudis finally working :D bs sara7a asta7i a6lob minnnahom...inno yekoon illi yeshtaghil wa7id s3oodi o gaddi, it feels weird...thats how i order ketchup 4 example "bellah iza ma feeha ta3ab abgha ketchup iza sama7t" :p shwaya o agollo feen ilketchup 3ahsan ana aroo7 ajeebo :p

iPod Vending Machines

So they've added iPod vending machines to some airports in the US. I think that's a really cool way to market iPods and get more of them out there. Apple mostly has a thing for coming out with good products but not distributing them well enough...

Continue reading this entry...

[from Subzero Blue]

this is soo coool :D

How fast you are

[from Part of MY world :)]

cool game check it out and tell me wat u get...i got 17.345 sec :D


Another ashtray espousing
the evils of smoking. (via Joshy R)

Sensory Impact ]

i love this ashtray i should buy one for every friend who smokes...

Metal Wear

Karen Konzuk’s Metalwear, as she likes to call it, is a mature line of jewelry that takes its inspiration from architectural forms while remaining subtle by, for example, hiding colors on the inside of rings or hiding diamonds between two bands.

related links

[from Sensory Impact ]

i dunnow why am posting this but it looks soooo cooool :D dont u think??

Saturday, July 02, 2005

a saudi desktop


Nomad Mobile Workstation

by Ivy Tseng

The Nomad Mobile Workstation is a practical work surface as well as a protective storage case for a laptop computer. The hard briefcase opens on a rotary hinge and locks at 180 degrees to form a 14x24-inch surface. It is large enough to accommodate the use of a mouse—as well as a drink or a pencil. The bag's interior is padded and molded to fit the contours of the user's lap. Additionally, the padding isolates the computer's heat from the user.

[from IDOnline, via And Far Away...]

that would be cool if u r carrying ur laptop everywhere...

Cobblestones and "Cobbleglasses"

In the center of town of Geneva Switzerland (at the Place du Molard), the street has been repaved, alternating cobblestones with "cobbleglasses" - that light up at night - each one engraved with a few words, in a different language; Bonne nuit, See you soon, Bienvenido...

The overall effect is just beautiful and... nice. Who said Geneva was boring! Click here to see how it was

[from we make money not art, via AraBlog reBlog]

datafountain: money translated to water :D

This fountain is connected to money currency rates on the internet. It is realtime! Refreshed every five seconds. This mobile fountain measures 5x4x3 meters. The relation between money and water is evident. On our datafountain we display the Yen, Euro and Dollar (¥€$). Currency rates are closely interconnected; their interdependence is visible in water. The design of the casing was kept as minimal as possible. The water is the thing to look at and listen to.

[origionally from]

saudi arabia :D

i found this site which has a rank order for all the countries in different categories...check out saudi arabia :D

oil production

account balance

Friday, July 01, 2005


yesterday i went to an italian restaurant in the Fairmont hotel, its called bacchos....its a really good place but its too classy and quiet...its design is okay and the view is on the hotel's swimming pool...
the food is really good and the service is great, maybe cuz not lots of ppl are there...
if u ever go there try the angel hair pasta with seafood and tomato sauce...its really good :D
in general its a really good place so check it out when you can :D




this is the appetizer...its not that good...its like a salad

an advice

yesterday i watched the worst movie i have ever seen in 18 years....its called (5ali men ilcolestrol) its an egyptian movie...i hated the movie soo bad so this is just a warning for those who didnt see it :p