Monday, July 04, 2005

20 gadgets from the future

i read this article in the T3MiddleEast magazine....its a really interesting one and i just love the due dates...check it out...

Words: Mark Harris
Source: T3MiddleEast magazine

1-Touchy-Feely Mobiles due 2006
...we're looking forward to "haptic" mobiles that'll stroke, fondle, slap and kiss you...

2-Technospecs due 2007
...sunglasses that provide real-time feedback on biomedical functions. Ideal for athletes such as distance runners. they'll allow you to check your heart rate, blood oxygen level and distance traveled without taking your eyes from the opposition. A waterproof version for swimmers is also on the cards.

3-Human Exoskeleton due 2007

4-Paint-On Solar Cells due 2009
...batteries will be history, thanks to paint-on solar cells. Just imagine how slim mobile phones and laptops will become! Best of all, the new solar cells will be twice as efficient as traditional solar cells, making them perfect for our sunny region.

5-Self-Cleaning Clothes due 2008

6-360-Degree Gaming Pod due 2007
...a four-meter high panoramic screen, the latest Alienware hardware, LAN networking and, best of all, a reason to change your life.

7-Night Vision Contact Lenses due 2015

8-Anti-Aging Facepads due 2006

9-Allergy-Sensing Robodog due 2010
...Simply wave it over your food and its electonic smell chips will recognize the chemical signatures of every dangerous substance...Plus, you'll get instant readouts of fat and carbohydrate levels. If its good to eat, you get a green light, yellow means danger, and red should result in a hefty prison sentence for the chef.

10-Gene Scanner due 2011
...handheld scanners to predict illness before the happen...

11-Baby Noise Eliminator due 2009
...They'll selectively eliminate irritating sounds (car alarms, nagging wives, etc), while letting important ausio signals (videogames and mobile phones) through...

12-Active Skin due 2025
...We'll have miniature phones and MP3 players in our ears, and PDAs in our wrist. They'll be invisible until we touch them, then light up with cool, sub-dermal LEDs.

13-Holographic Lara Croft due 2016

14-Edible Microchips due 2011

15-Photo Gloves due 2008

...just point the camera-glove at your subject and flick your thumb...Or, flick two fingers to take a movie. The second finger will contain a laser projector to display your photos on any flat surface and your pinky will have a built-in lighter...

16-Teledildonics due 2010

17-Edible Images due 2006 can replace the ink cartidges in some home printers with semi-liquid concoctions of fruit or vegetables, and the paper with super-thin sheets of soya bean and potato strach...

18-Wireless Battery Charging due 2006
...It'll put an end to carting 38 different chargers around with you every time you go abroad...

19-Nuclear IPod due 2012'll mean MP3 players with virtually unlimited batteries...they're so safe that a simple plastic container will be enough shielding for most applications...

20-Transparent Cameras due 2013
...In transparent mode, the displays are totally see-through, just like glass...Simply tap the screen to take a snap. Then, when you want to view your snaps or videos, tap your screen again and the transparent display becomes a regular LED display...


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