Saturday, July 16, 2005

Burj Al-Arab

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See the image of the hotel which they never show you. Ask yourself: why that huge mast at the top? Why make the restaurant stick out like that? It's only there to make the cross! Interesting, isnt it? One of the world's largest Christian cross is right here in Dubai!

[from Life of Mansur]


At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yu think that is true? i heard ino mamnoo3 tasweero from nehind becuz of that.

Suits them, bas shatreen to ger Weseteners to work on project and pay them blindly becuz of course their work is superior just becuz theyre Westeners!

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Mansur said...

Hi, it was a pleasant surprise to see this here. I found ur blog on my extreme tracking thing, and I read some of your posts. I am going to add you on my blog...keep up the good work.


At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

Jeez, I have been in KSA for 6 yrs, you guys can do better then this. Is it true that your religion teaches that you descend from Judaism and Christianity? If so why so much hate against us? Why we are called infidels then? Why on the weekend there are thousands of saudis crossing the bridge towards Bahrain to get drunk and watch women (muslims and non) dancing almost naked? and then you try criticize free places such as Dubai, which by the way 30% of the tourists are from KSA, and guess what, they don't come only for shopping!

By the way I have many Saudi friends till now, they're tolerant and clever too, even if I left KSA a while ago still they come and stay at my place, thanks God they're tolerant like your religion actually suggests you.

The cross? What's wrong with it? Still most of the medicines and infrastructures that supply electricity for your a/c have been discovered and constructed by Christians mainly. Maybe even people who have a cross at home. Would you then stop taking or using these? Give me a break !!!

You can in fact visit the Vatican (if you wish), but don't let others visit your holy site. Tolerance? Give me a break man.

Saudi is paying it's reputation because of wrong thinking. Peace.


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