Wednesday, August 03, 2005

more pics from beirut

i love this restaurant all red and black :D

ilmalek 3abdalla
3al saree3 3allago 9owar ilmaek 3abdalla here in beirut

emaar's ad in beirut
coool walla emaar's ads we9lat le beirut

nancy :D
coool ad :p

cool ad
am soo into ads 2day...i love this ad...innno its on several buildings...really creative

waja3 :p
she was soo close to eat my camera :p

its a restaurant called adghal...really far but worth it sara7a...

wooden bridge
this bridge in adghal...

i just like this pic...and i took it in beirut :p

i guess i will be taking more pics later on...cya then


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Mansur said...

wow..another great batch of pictures. I particularly loved the billboard advertising placed on three buildings...very cerative. The restaurant looks really it a lebanese restaurant? I wish I were in your shoes seem to be having lots of fun...looking forward to more pics...well done!



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